Home & Commercial Mold Testing & Assessor Inspections

Home Mold Inspection & Testing Services in West Palm BeachA+ Mold Inspection Specialists are the Premier Mold Inspection and Mold Assessors in West Palm Beach, FL – including all of Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie Counties. We proudly serve the Palm Beaches and The Treasure Coast north to Vero Beach. We are Licensed/Certified and Insured carrying $1 Million General Liability and E&O insurance.

A typical residential non-invasive inspection consists of ‘visually’ inspecting the property with additional use of IRC’s (Infra-red Cameras) and Borescopes (Wireless Fiber Optic Camera) to aid in detecting possible hidden fungal issues, always looking for signs of water intrusion and mold growth on or in walls and ceilings, foundations, furniture, kitchen/bathroom cabinets etc., to locate any sources of moisture which may lead us to hidden mold growth possibly behind walls. A minimum of two Ambient Air Samples must be taken following proper protocols; one Outdoor Control Ambient Air Sample of the natural environment that establishes a reference or baseline for what normal mold levels should be for the indoor areas; one Interior Ambient Air Sample using this formula – one per thousand sq. ft., or one per level, or one per HVAC Air Handler for example. Occasionally swab/tape or bulk samples of any visible mold may need to be taken in certain situations for additional fees.

Overall objective for any inspection, and most important, is to combine our ‘visual observations and findings’ along with the ‘readings’ from our equipment; and our ‘analysis’ of the final ‘lab results’ for an Assessment of the Spore/Mold content of the Ambient Air of this dwelling. Our evaluation is performed using current acceptable building envelope and interior investigations, environmental hygiene practices, mold testing and other environmental practices using techniques and equipment that are acceptable and used by professional environmental consultants and industrial hygienists.

Our services include:

VOC Testing
MVOC Testing
Formaldehyde Testing
H202 Plasma