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A+ Mold Inspection Specialists
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 by Trulee Snell
Awesome Company

I cannot say enough great things about this company. From my first encounter with them on the phone. They were very professional, informative, and compassionate. I was able to get an appointment very quickly. My results were in sooner then I had thought, and a very professional description was written. I would recommend them to everyone, in fact I feel blessed to have had them as my inspectors. All the results were explained to me in a manor that I could understand. If you need a mold inspection, this company is the best. Donna spends a lot of time explaining things , she goes above and beyond , what you pay for. Including the affects of toxic mold.
Thank you both for your professional and caring personalities.

 by Christine Lindenmuth
Compassionate Service

I fully endorse A+, especially for their knowledge as well as their caring and concern for people affected by toxic mold. Although I live in Pennsylvania, I found Donna's website and called and asked questions. She was always willing to help me and referred me to someone in PA. Donna is very knowledgeable and caring. Because of her help, I was finally able to get my apartment remediated although it was a nasty battle with a very cheap landlord.

 by Kalika D
Fantastic company!

Amazing company- would give 10 stars if i could! Donna and Jordan are the most professional, helpful and most of all just wonderful people. They have the expertise coupled with years of experience. We have used them for inspection several times and they have been most easy to work with starting from consultation, scheduling and sending us the results promptly. Donna has recommeded other professionals to us which has been a great help. Jordan and Donna and very knowledgable and will answer your questions patiently and will do everything to ensure your comfort during the process. Highly recommend this company to anyone who needs air quality and mold inspections in their home or business!

 by Barbara Ratner
Why this is a great company

I used an air conditioner service that didn't close the a/c correctly and had a major flood $40-50K of work needed. Unfortunately, at first I used a co. out of Vero Beach - BAD. I contacted The Mold Lady and they spent hours and multiple calls to me to suggest how to undo a bad beginning. They are one heck of a good and honorable company and my home is mold free - thanks to them.

 by Richard & Vanessa Kotarski
#1 service! AMAZING

Donna is the Most knowledgeable Caring Amazing person we have Ever met. She was Super imformative. Broke Everything down for us so we could understand Everything Exactly. We we're able to call her several times and discuss many things with our extremely toxicbad mold problem growing in our AC unit inside. Her husband was So KIND and Caring when he came here. He actually came on a Sunday when they usually don't work from what I gathered. We have 2 Young children so they were Extra caring and they just we're Absolutely amazing. My husband spoke to them, Donna mainly and I'm blown away on how incredible caring informative and just absolutely amazing that Donna and her husband are they are fantastic I have to rate them 100 if anybody has a mold problem I'm telling you these are the people to call this is a family business they've been in business over 10 years from what I've gathered and as soon as you call them and you speak to Donna you will know how caring they are and how smart knowledgeable they both are they are so sweet very very comfortable to speak with very easy to speak to and they are just completely absolutely the best most amazing people! These people this company is definitely I'm telling you they are the best and they are who you want to call they will break everything down to you they show you how everything works the explain everything they are just absolutely amazing and I am so grateful and thankful that we came across them and we are just blessed that we had met them and that they have gone through so much to help us they've gone out of their way to speak to us on the phone Donna is amazing she's gone over and above that be helpful and explain everything to us they are just amazing that you can call!

 by Jennifer
Great compnay

This company is very through, explains everything im great detail and their customer service is 10 stars! You would be crazy not to use them! I have had the pleasure of working with them twice and have recommended them to my friends and family!