Mold Air Testing - Black Mold & Other Harmful Spores

Our Objectives

Most important legally and ethically, is for A+ to educate, prepare and communicate effectively with our clients by combining these ‘visual observations and findings’ (which is about 80% of any inspection) along with the ‘readings’ from our equipment; and our ‘analysis of the final lab results’ for an Assessment of the Spore/Mold content of the Interior Ambient Air of this dwelling in a clear, concise and objective manner. Our evaluation is performed using current acceptable building envelope and interior investigations, environmental hygiene practices, mold air testing and other environmental practices using techniques and digitally calibrated equipment that are acceptable and used by professional environmental consultants and industrial hygienists.

We follow all the Regulations and Standard Practices of Care of the Florida Mold Laws. This assures our clients a true and honest report always in the best interest of those we serve. Samples alone provide nothing to the client but a third party lab report; no cause and origin; no repair or protocol; and no understanding of the actual findings.

Ambient Mold Air Testing Procedures

This is still the most effective and most acceptable method in the mold industry for determining whether mold is causing an unsafe living environment. The Air Quality (Bioaerosol Sampling) is tested by using a newly calibrated high-flow pump with a Zefon Air-O-cell – 75L Spore Trap (slit impactor cassette containing a sticky acrylic matrix on glass to trap particulate matter from the ambient air) with the meter calibrated at 15 liters per minute operated for 5 minutes per sample.

The Outside Control samples are needed to identify the type of spores and the quantity of mold found in the natural environment. Indoor levels should normally be half or less than those of outside samples. However, certain types of mold discovered should never be found indoors. Take a moment to read about how to prepare for your sampling. If you live in the West Palm, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, FL or other areas of Palm Beach County or Martin or St. Lucie County and are in need of a mold inspector and mold testing, contact us here or call us at (561) 602.0055.

Surface Sampling

This type of sampling is used to identify a specific mold in a specific location. A cotton swab or a piece of clear type is used, or a small bulk sample is taken. This is analyzed either with a fungi screen or culture analysis (the latter is a longer process and more expensive).

What Is Remediation and What Is Involved?

CIMR - Ultimate Mold Remediation Equipment

CIMR – The most advanced purification system available

Call A+ Mold Inspection Specialists first! A+ as your Assessor (and certified in Remediation) will write a Protocol for Remediation for a nominal fee especially if insurance is involved. When a property tests positive for elevated levels of mold (environmental fungal growth), it depends on the size (square footage) of the infestation and is containment necessary. Remediation is very expensive and the purpose of remediation is to “remove”, not just kill mold spores. The visual mold and the spores can be killed, but the dead spores with the toxins still attached are left behind as they are the real culprits. They need to be ‘removed’ with the use of HEPA machines (HEPA Air Scrubbers, HEPA Vacuums and Dehumidifiers).

The source(s) of the moisture intrusion (catastrophic moisture intrusion) must be found and repaired before starting the remediation procedure. A+ suggests that three bids from professional licensed, certified and insured remediators be procured for the remediation project if over 10 sq. feet. Remediators treat the visual mold with sporicides or hydrogen peroxides etc. (to kill it); remove infested drywall or other infested materials; wipe all surfaces with disinfectant; HEPA vacuum all surfaces; clean the HVAC system all while using HEPA Dehumidifiers and HEPA Air Scrubbers that will rid the air of spores and toxins always running together for a specific period of time. Note: Only after the A/C has run by itself for 24 to 48 hours, another air quality test should be completed by A+ after this time to be assured the ambient air reaches acceptable levels of mold. Only then will the client receive a PRV-Clearance Report Document. Now the Restoration (rebuild) procedures can begin meaning drywall, trim and paint etc.

Alternatives to chemicals such as anti-microbials, sporicides etc.: For those who have immune deficient systems, severe allergies etc., there are new machines and products available that use Hydrogen Peroxide and enzymes to kill mold, spores and their toxins; a different protocol needs to be written.